Student Scholars


Elucidating The Mechanism Of Purifying Selection Using C. Elegans
Optimization Of The Thermodynamics And Kinetics Of Biopolymer-based Smart Materials


Maia Kinnebrew and Prof. Songi Han
Oligomerization and Its Effect on Function in 7-Transmembrane Proteins
Carolyn Mills
Engineering Novel Peptide Materials By Studying the Self-Assembly of Diphenylalanine
Kendrick Yim
Exploring the Effects and Mechanism of the CEP-1 Tumor Suppressor on Chromosome Nondisjunction in C.Elegans


Madison Cornwell
Testing the specific inhibition of the CDK5 and GSK3-β kinases in the 3xTg AD mouse model to study the formation of neurofibrillary tangles
UC Santa Barbara Beckman Scholars Center for Science and Engineering Partnerships UCSB California NanoSystems Institute